• Music Section~ My favorite current pop-punk/ alternative songs, some are obvious and popular others are a bit more obscure. The list is not in any order and I will try to update every few days/ weekly and attempt not to repeat songs.
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3/06/04 ~ Time for some new tunes

1. Local H - California Songs

2. Sugarcult - Champagne

3. New Found Glory- Hit or Miss (the perennial single before they got a little popular look for any of the versions)

4. Lucky Boys Confusion - LBC

5. Tha Vandals - Soccer Mom

12/24/03 ~ Busy days finally got back into the swing of updating this section.

1. Trapt - Echo

2. YellowCard - Radio Song Girl

3. The Starting Line - The Best of Me (acoustic)

4. Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without the E (acoustic)

5. Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle

6. Bob Seger - Nightmoves (for Mr. Worrell)

7. Lucky Boys Confusion - Closer to our Graves

8. Burger King Parody - Ding Fries are Done

9. Ben Folds Five - Acoustic

10. Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly



1. The Strokes - 12:51

2. Lucky Boys Confusion- Hey Driver

3. Hot Hot Heat- More for Show

4. Thrice- Artist in an Ambulance

5. The Ataris- Saddest Song

7/18/03- A week of mostly new music with a classic pyrometal thrown in at the end. Enjoy them especially Billy Talent, a great new import from Australia.

1.Less than Jake- Surrender

2. Billy Talent- Try Honesty

3.Brand New- The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

4.Starting Line- Best of Me

5.Rammstiean- Du Haste


1. Dashboard Confessional~ Hands Down

2.Trapt- Still Frame

3. Alien Ant Farm- These Days

4. Mest- Paradise (122nd and Highland Street)

5. Less than Jake- Science of Selling Yourself

6. Ataris- Takeoffs and Landings

7.Avoid One Thing- Pop Punk Band

8.Grasshopper Takeover- Esta Vida

9.The Vandals- Disproportioned Head

10. Vendetta Red- Shatterda

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